What makes this all possible?

Digital Light Control:

Parkside Christmas is a combination of a few different technologies.  We use Light-o-Rama's S4 software to edit the show and tell our controllers what to do.  Also, we use Santronics brand E1.31 Pixel controllers for the majority of our lighting control.  Lastly, the DMX512 network technology that is used in most commerical stage productions is also employed to control multicolor RGB fixtures, moving head yoke lights and strobes.

We are 100% LED based for low power consumption and most of our lights are "smart" in that each bulb can create any color desired and be controlled individually.

Each light or string of lights that can be controlled individually is on what we call a "channel". When we started in 2008, we were using over 160 channels.   For 2015, we are using 8,626 channels for all of the digital lighting we do!

How is that music playing on the radio:

Parkside Christmas is being broadcast on 96.9 FM using an EDM RDS stereo transmitter.  This is a very short range system that complies with the government's restrictions on hobbiest FM broadcasting.  It provides good quality sound out to about a block or two so that no one has to leave their warm cars to hear the music along with the lights!  Currently we are only broadcasting during show hours.