The New Snowmen:

In 2013, our latest Snowmen took the stage.  The previous snowmen were a single channel of white minilights with an RGB flood inside them.   The new versions are acrylic circles, surrounded by 249 channels worth of LED RGB lights on *EACH* snowman!  There is also an RGB flood inside their tophats that shines downward.   There are some amazing effects possible with this new design.

Megatree growth:

In 2013 our Megatree grew an additional 8 feet!  The total height, including the star is now at 32'

Additional Leaping Light Arches:

In 2008 we used two of these arches and everyone loved the effect.  We will be adding two more for 2009.

The "Bellagio Poles":

These 10 foot tall vertical poles will sit between our "leaping light arches" and provide effects similar to the water display at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.   Each pole will have 16 channels of red and white lights on them, with five total poles in use.

The Megatree:

This will be a 20 foot tall "tree" made entirely out of minilights!  Over 10,000 lights will be in this single fixture, providing green, red and white animation effects.

The FireFly Megatree topper:

Just completed, this wireframe fixture uses a D-Light FireFly RGB strand.  This is a sixteen pixel
strand that can make millions of colors on each pixel independently.   This star will go on top of our 20' MegaTree for 2009.  Check out the detailed "How To" in that section of our website.

The Martin FireFly Star from GaryMartin2002 on Vimeo.

Mini-twig trees:

We have five new "twig trees" that will adorn the right hand side of the driveway for 2009.   These are 6 foot tall trees made out of white wire, covered in Clear, Green and Red minilights.  Each color and each tree is controlled separately.

Odds and Ends:

We will be incorporating even more L.E.D. based lighting into this year's show.  These lights, as seen in our garage tree and garage star in 2008, use a tiny amount of power to produce as much or often more light as their traditional incandescent forefathers.   We hope to replace a series of large flood lights with L.E.D. based units that not only allow for millions of color possibilites, but also drop the power consumption by about 95%  

New Songs!:

We are always looking for different music to use in our display.  There will be new songs in the show each year and if there is a song you would love to see animated, please mention it in our Guestbook!